Photo courtesy of La Jambe
Photo courtesy of La Jambe

The Hit ListWashington D.C.

The July Hit List: Tail Up Goat, La Jambe, Tiki on 18th, Peter Chang, and More


Our cicada friends have gone back underground for the next 17 years, and as the months approach when the District converts into a giant public sauna — it’s as if they built this city on swampland — we appreciate all the more the simple luxuries of dining under a canopied patio, pitchers of ice water, and cold draught beer in cozy cellar bars.

This month, you’ll find us having elote, and Suze & absinthe highballs, on the patio at La Jambe, devouring a veritable anchovy tasting menu at 2Amys, then shamelessly maintaining our COVID bod with brunch at Boundary Stone. Oh, and we’ve hereby declared it’s hot sisig summer at Tiki on 18th. All this and more on your latest Hit List, summer heat-wave edition.