Courtesy of Annabelle
Courtesy of Annabelle

The Hit ListWashington D.C.

The May Hit List: St. Vincent, Annabelle, Las Gemelas, and More


Spring was nice while it lasted … and now we’ve got the 2-for-1 combo of pollen in full flex and D.C.’s balmy heat waves. Despite all that, it’s been a long year, so we are savoring every day in the sun — at least until the return of Brood X.

So without haste, it’s time for frozen strawberry, coconut and lime margaritas with tacos al pastor at Las Gemelas, embracing the searing heat and funk of Lao cooking at Thip Khao, and gulping pét-nats with amchur-spiced fried chicken in the garden at St. Vincent. All this, and more, on your May Hit List.