Light red, lightly chilled, at Lulu's Winegarden.
Light red, lightly chilled, at Lulu’s Winegarden.

Wine Hit ListWashington D.C.

The March Wine Hit List: Lulu’s Winegarden, Oyster Oyster, Lutèce, and More


Springtime in the capital, and things are looking up for a change. We’re relishing the last gasps of crisp weather and sunny days all the same, before the ensuing swamp days of summer.

On the policy front: Soon are gone are the nights of downing your remaining bottle of wine minutes before the clock strikes 10 p.m. And we’ll see in April if the mayor yields to prevailing winds and allows for more indoor dining. What’s more, U.S. and European trade representatives called a truce on a decades-old, esoteric trade dispute, so the tariffs on E.U. wines have been suspended, and importers are clamoring for space at our ports, to restart the flow of wine.

In light of this, don’t be surprised if rosé lists appear a little slim this spring, while shipping containers have to arrive; there will be plenty of time for us to drown in gluggable wine all summer. In the meantime, we’re seeking out deeper hues of rosé, especially from past vintages that are now showing their best, plus mountain-grown reds with spring lamb, and skin-contact whites.

This season, get the complete Georgian food & wine immersion at Supra, defy establishment wine-pairing conventions at Rasika, and explore the latest cellar raids at Maxwell Park — all part of your latest Wine Hit List.