Courtesy Osteria Langhe
Courtesy Osteria Langhe


10 Dishes Around Chicago to Bring Comfort to Your Winter


We’ve arrived at the post-holiday winter doldrums, when that Chi-town wind chills you to the bone, the sidewalks are covered in ice and the sun hides for weeks at a time. Not to mention we remain mostly confined to home for the foreseeable future to help keep COVID numbers down. Luckily, restorative comfort food abounds in every neighborhood, from fiery ramen in Ravenswood to cheesy duck bacon hash in Bronzeville, chicken tikka fries in Wicker Park, and an exemplary burger in Logan Square. Behold our 10 top picks to help warm your belly and soul through Chicago’s long, dark winter. And if you’re looking for a lighter start to the year, we have that too.