Courtesy Moon Rabbit
Courtesy Moon Rabbit

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The November Hit List: Moon Rabbit, The Royal, Jam Doung Style, and More


Here’s to riding out patio season as long as we can, and hoping we all can find a moment to raise a glass and enjoy a moment of post-election chill. Remember, don’t be hard on yourself these days for eating leftover takeaway late at night, or requesting extra shots of liquor and amaro for mixing with your coffee at brunch — whatever it takes to keep calm, be safe, and maintain social distance.

For November, there’s the Tex-Mex hygge of Republic Cantina’s cactus-filled patio; quail getting the Viet-Cajun treatment at Moon Rabbit; and Hatoba’s clam & miso ramen, which will remedy the eventual soggy fall weather. All here in the latest Hit List.