The spread at Makan.
The spread at Makan.

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The October Hit List: The Dabney, Albi, Happy Gyro, Makan, and More


The swampy D.C. summer has transitioned to decorative gourd season. Put on a sweater, and enjoy the best days of patio dining all year, before the existential bedlam of Electoral College tallies arrives. (Remember “hanging chads”?) We have no guarantees what’s in store, but meantime it’s necessary to enjoy some nourishment and drink with loved ones, while supporting the people who have served us and sparked joy in this city for years.

For October, Albi is a contender for Most Goth Roast Chicken; Smokin’ Pig will restore your faith in barbecue ribs; and Happy Gyro helps maintain recommended levels of vodka sauce in your life. It’s all here in our latest Hit List.