Now you can get Razza’s pies not only at first-come, first-served outdoor tables, but also to go — including to enjoy at an adjacent outdoor space.

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The Resy Guide to Outdoor Dining in North Jersey


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While New Jersey may have been nicknamed the Garden State for its farmlands of yore, and not for this summer’s proliferation of new al fresco dining options, the name still fits. That is, if patios, tents, parklets, rooftops, and in-the-middle-of-the-street setups count as gardens.

Whatever you want to call them, there are plenty of great spots for North Jerseyans looking for a respite from the great indoors. We’ve ordered them below for Jersey City, Hoboken, and beyond.

Before you head out, make sure to check a restaurant’s reservation requirements and any other changes by looking at their social media or by calling ahead. And look out for yourself and others: Be sure to wear a mask as often as possible (especially when interacting with servers), stay informed of specific restaurant protocols, and tip well!

And if you don’t see your favorite restaurant open yet, you can always use My Hit List to stay notified about when it plans to reopen.