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The Top 5 Things to Order at 492


Tasty libations and live music – against the backdrop of a restored historic landmark – is just what Thursday night called for. At Charleston’s 492, with Chef Josh Keeler at the helm and a pastry team that produces craze-worthy sensations (read: sourdough sticky buns), you’ll get Lowcountry food done right.

Here are the top 5 for dinner and Sunday brunch (you’re welcome).


1/ Dave’s Clams
Chef Keeler relies on this local favorite to play a critical role in his dinner service. Clams are sourced locally and served simply, with celeriac, chili, and Meyer lemon.

2/ Kedgeree
This past January, Chef put his interpretation of kedgeree (an English curried rice dish) on the menu. His inspired recipe includes Carolina Gold rice, curry, smoked trigger fish, and egg–and it’s a must-order.

3/ Iberico Pork Collar
Lest you think this Spanish culinary treasure is reserved for charcuterie only, Chef Keeler makes it his own, with thoughtful and artful roasting techniques. First, the pork shoulder is cooked at a low temperature to retain flavor and moisture, and then at a high temperature to caramelize the outside. The “steak” is then served with artichoke, cardoon (wild celery), sunchokes, and anchovies.


4/ Sourdough Sticky Bun
Who can argue with this sweet start to the day, and why would anyone want to? The light drizzle of caramel, chopped pecans, and orange zest perfectly complements the tartness of the sourdough. We are stuck on this brunch staple.

5/ Million Dollar Burger
Devotees will recall this legendary burger from the menu of Chef Keeler’s former restaurant, Two Borough’s Larder. The combination of Mornay (a béchamel sauce), bacon, potato, pickles, and Thousand Island dressing is practically heaven-sent. Top it off with a side of Charleston Gold rice grits.

There you have it, the top 5 things to order at 492 are ready for your indulgence!