Author: Patty Lee

The burger from the Brindle Room

The Road BackNew York

The Brindle Room Is Proof There’s Always a Place for the Neighborhood Spot

It’s been more than two years since Jeremy Spector served a Steakhouse Burger at the narrow space on Avenue A…


The bar at Wenwen

The One Who Keeps the BookNew York

How to Get Into Wenwen and What to Order While You’re There

When New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells recently reviewed Wenwen, Greenpoint’s new homestyle Taiwanese restaurant from Eric Sze and…


Kono specializes in kappo-style yakitori omakase.

The RundownNew York

Everything You Need to Know About New York’s Latest Omakase Restaurant, Kono

Before you go to a restaurant, what do you want — or need — to know most? In our series,…