A server holds a full spread at Phoenicia. By Marvin Shaouni for Resy

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The January Hit List: Selden Standard, Phoenicia, Grey Ghost, and More


A year ago, with Detroit’s big auto show having moved from January to late summer, restaurants were preparing for a quiet first month of the year. Instead, dining demand surged. As we shift into 2024, here’s hoping the new year again brings the same kind of energy to local dining rooms this January.

We’re here to encourage that, actually — with a Resy Hit List that draws on some of the absolute essential restaurants around town. Our selection of 10 this month includes the bar-setting Selden Standard in Midtown, iconic Phoenicia in Birmingham, and fourth-wave coffee at Alba in Corktown. Your latest Detroit Hit List wants you to get out, and remember just how great a dining culture we’ve got.