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The July Hit List: Couvant, Criollo, Red Dog Diner, and More


The blistering heat of July leaves even the most ardent home cook in New Orleans disinterested in cranking up the oven or laboring over a roiling pot. At the same time, the arrival of tropical cyclones into the Gulf of Mexico requires a collective escape from reality.

Our latest Resy Hit List comes to the rescue on both fronts, with a panoply of options for culinary self-care or a stiff drink. Forget the hours under cooling oak canopies shading the verandas at The Chloe or Columns Hotel. The summer slowdown in tourism affords extra room for exploring French Quarter and Business District gems Mamou, Couvant, Coterie, Criollo. And that’s just the beginning — so don’t sweat your dining choices this month.