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The Hit ListSeattle

The July Hit List: Cora, Baekjeong, Ray’s Boathouse, and More


June 21 may mark the start of summer, but every Seattleite knows it doesn’t really start until July. That’s when Seattle’s rainy reputation is fully set aside, and the city transforms into a paradise of sunshine and blue skies. The pleasant temperatures and longer daylight hours create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor dining.

Whether you choose a rooftop restaurant, a patio overlooking the water, or a sidewalk café, you can soak up the warm rays while savoring the best of summer’s seasonal bounty. From Pacific Northwest sablefish at Ray’s Boathouse to juicy bulgogi at Baekjeong, the summer dining scene in Seattle showcases the region’s culinary prowess. And the Resy Hit List is here to help you forge a path.