Photo courtesy of Veranda Lounge at The Loutrel.


Seven Charleston Restaurants Where We Want To Be Regulars


There are so many delicious spots in Charleston, a city that punches above its size when it comes to good restaurants. So, it’s easy to get in the mode of trying to sample as many as possible.

And while we applaud that notion, there’s also something special about being a regular. You know the drill, from the menu to the restaurant layout, and the staff gets to know you. When that education really clicks into overdrive, then the magic happens. 

In a city that sees more than 7 million tourists a year, you stand out; you’re a friendly face that likes the place enough to keep coming back. And sometimes the staff acknowledges that with an extra level of service, a table touch when your parents are in town, or even a surprise sample or sip. From sushi at Shiki to sipping skin contact wines with snacks at Tippling House, here are seven spots in Charleston we wish we were regulars.