The Resy London Drop


Welcome to your reservationship: a relationship marked by magic, discovery, *chef’s kiss* cuisine, and of course, lots of reservations. It starts with you and Resy, and leads to unforgettable experiences at restaurants we know you’ll love. 

During Resy Drop Week (May 15th-19th), we’re teaming up with some of London’s most sought-after restaurants to give you special, one-of-a-kind evenings unlike any other.

So, if having dinner prepared for you by Thomas Straker has been on your wish list, or you’ve been desperate to get a seat at Kurisu Omakase, here’s your chance. Those who snag a reservation will enjoy special, one-off experiences when they dine.

Details will be revealed through Resy email, so sign up here to learn when tables drop.


The Lineup

Announcement: May 15th, Experience: 17th June

F.K.A Black Axe Mangal

Announcement: May 16th, Experience: 13th June


Announcement: May 17th, Experience: 11th and 18th June

Kurisu Omakase

Announcement: May 18th, Experience: 4th June


Announcement: May 19th, Experience: 6th June


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Terms & Conditions

Between 15 May to 19 May 2023 (“Offer Period”), Resy is offering users the ability to book dinner reservations (each, a “Reservation”) at select restaurants (each a “Restaurant”) for the period from 4 June to 18 June, 2023.

Reservations are on a first come, first served basis, and are based on a Restaurant’s capacity. Restaurants will be communicated in the Great Resy Drop offer email sent to you by Resy. Limit of one (1) Reservation per user during Offer Period. Reservations will be made through or the Resy App. This offer is only for access to a Reservation at a Restaurant and not for any cost associated with the dining experience. Diners are solely responsible for payment of the final bill and Resy assumes no responsibility for payment of the final bill. The number of diners cannot exceed the number specified by the Restaurant as part of the Reservation and the individual who made the Reservation must also be in the party honouring the Reservation.

Reservations cannot be transferred, negotiated, auctioned or otherwise sold to another individual or legal entity and any such Reservation will be cancelled.  In the event that the Restaurant accepts any reservations in-person or over the phone (i.e., without using Resy), such Reservation will be permitted so long as the Restaurant can accommodate. Reservations are subject to the Restaurant’s existing cancellation policies, which can be found on their Resy venue page.

Resy may modify or cancel this offer at any time. Resy is not responsible for informing the Restaurants of any dietary restrictions or for a Restaurant being able to accommodate such restrictions.