Photo courtesy of Sugo Hand Roll Bar

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Where to Eat in August: Sugo Hand Roll Bar, Delish Ethiopian, and More


Summer is in full swing in Seattle, the best stretch of the whole year for those who live for consistent sun, warmth, and roughly 75-degree weather. During these short but glorious months, a more-is-more attitude applies to all things outdoors — including dining. In particular, Seattleites fill patio spaces like magpies flock to shiny objects, savoring cold beverages, seasonal ingredients, and extra daylight hours.

Whether you opt to dine in, out, or take out, the summertime vibe is strong at these spots. From shrimp tostadas and tea-smoked tofu to alligator spring rolls and Cuban pork belly, we’ve got you covered with our August Resy Hit List. So soak up the best the season offers — and don’t forget to bring your SPF.