Photo courtesy Planque. Credit: Anton Rodriguez

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Planque, Quality Wines, Noble Rot Soho, and More: Introducing the Resy Wine Hit List


Wine has always trafficked in exclusion: in snobbery and prejudice, historically; more recently in us-vs-them cliques (and snobbery and prejudice). But look at London’s wine lists of late and something undeniable has taken place: the walls have started to crumble. The gatekeepers have abandoned their watch. The old certainties are no longer looking so certain. Perhaps it’s the increase in people purchasing wine to drink at home occasioned by the pandemic; perhaps it’s the new market dynamics that have come into being as COVID and Brexit have ravaged the industry.

“Natural” and “conventional” are increasingly finding ways to co-exist; regions and styles previously deemed risible by the cognoscenti are growing in stature and prominence; hidebound conventions around what goes with what, and when, are being consigned to history.

And so, welcome to Resy’s Wine Hit List, our tribute to places where you can find wine bliss. As with our mainline Hit List, great food is essential; we’ll be highlighting can’t-miss places where you’ll drink as well as you eat — and recommending bottles that won’t disappoint. We’re choosing these with an eye toward reasonable pricing, so while there’s a splurge here and there, we’re also looking for great choices to enjoy on a random night out.

Here are six bars and / or restaurants that represent the best of the evolving London wine scene, comprising two modern classics, a skin contact specialist, a neo (neo) bistrot with one of the most singular French lists in town, and two very different interpretations of the intersection between Italian food and wine. The weather happens to be playing ball, and spring is (theoretically at least) in the air. Here’s where to savour the start of a new cycle of regeneration.