Photo courtesy of Post House
Photo courtesy of Post House

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Post House, Lenoir, CudaCo and More: Charleston Dining’s Best in 2021


There’s no denying Charleston is delicious. But in a year of shifting pandemic protocols, staff shortages, and the pressure of tourists returning in throngs to the city, there was a point in early summer that it felt like our restaurants were buckling under pressure. Add to that a slew of regional chain restaurants opening in the Historic District, and the best of Charleston’s dining scene felt as if its best days just might be behind it.

But rally our favorite restaurants did. They innovated, filled their kitchens with staff eager to dig in, and generally showed remarkable grace under pressure—delivering the unique flavors that this region inspires. For instance, The Post House in Mount Pleasant proved that everything Old Village can be new again. Vivian Howard reminded everyone at Lenoir that she is a chef first and a television personality second. And a fish sandwich at CudaCo on James Island made the Folly Beach traffic a little more bearable as the sun bore down in its summer glory.

We wanted to highlight our absolute favorites from 2021 as we close out the year, so please welcome our 2021 Best of The Hit List for Charleston.