Jerk chicken at 14 Parishes, a must-stop for Jamaican food.

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Where to Eat in New Orleans, Summer 2021 Edition


The last year or so has been hard on New Orleans. The COVID-19 pandemic struck early and with intensity, thanks to Mardi Gras 2020. Then the shutdown decimated the Crescent City’s essential tourism industry.

Still, New Orleans knows how to come back from being down. (Ask the Saints — and Saints fans.) During these fresh, hopeful days of early summer, preexisting restaurants are reopening; intrepid micro-businesses are taking the brick-and-mortar leap; and successful restaurants are opening second locations. Things feel, if not exactly righted, at least on their way.

One always-pertinent reminder for both visitors and locals alike: “Everything You Love About New Orleans is Because of Black People.” The native New Orleanian artist Phlegm coined this spot-on phrase, and it bears constant repeating. New Orleans is a majority Black city, and Black businesses need and deserve your money. As such, this list is loaded with Black-owned restaurants. Do your part.

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