Casa Pastor & Plaza Pastor chef Marvin Jones.
Image courtesy of Harts Group

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For Marvin Jones, Exec Chef of Casa and Plaza Pastor, Pie and Mash is The Ultimate Comfort Food


To-Go Takes is Resy’s regular feature wherein we quiz the folks behind some of our favourite restaurants about all things related to takeout

In this edition, we speak to Marvin Jones, executive chef of the popular Casa Pastor and Plaza Pastor in Kings Cross (siblings to Borough’s El Pastor), currently offering Taco Party kits for local and national delivery. Below, he shares some of his favourite takeaway tips, tricks, cocktails, and regular stops.    

Restaurant: Casa Pastor & Plaza Pastor

Name + Title: Marvin Jones, Executive Chef

El Pastor is doing some great Taco Party kits for delivery. What’s your favourite individual item from the offering?

The Short Rib sharer. It’s something you can’t usually get at home as part of a takeaway. It’s a giant, succulent piece of short rib and to have it with all the toppings, fresh salsas and heritage corn tortillas to share it with your family is amazing.

Lockdown 2.0 is here. Where are you getting takeaway from, and what are you ordering?

I’m actually spending a lot of time cooking with my family and making the most of my time cooking for them instead of for guests in the restaurants. I haven’t ordered any takeaways yet!

What’s your personal favourite way to spruce up your takeaway?

If I order a takeaway pizza, I like it quite spicy so I will make a salsa verde with Thai chillies and then I’ll make a jalapeño mayonnaise dip for my crusts by blending fresh jalapeños with store bought mayo and oregano.

A Taco Party kit from Tacos El Pastor.
A Taco Party kit from Tacos El Pastor. Image courtesy of Harts Group
A Taco Party kit from Tacos El Pastor.
A Taco Party kit from Tacos El Pastor. Image courtesy of Harts Group

What’s your favourite place for cocktails to go?

There’s a company called Tapp’d which I like, and if you order by 2pm they deliver that evening. I really love the EP Negronis available with Taco Party box though. They’re strong.

What single restaurant dish would you walk miles for?

I’m a true east Londoner, so pie and mash. I used to live above a pie and mash shop when I was 9 years old and would eat it twice a week. The Crisp Street Market one in Poplar is my favourite.

When we’re able to go out again, what will be your first meal back?

Pie and mash, 100%. You just can’t replicate the parsley liquor at home, and those burned pie edges. I can’t wait.

Casa & Plaza Pastor is offering its Taco Party Kits for local and national delivery through lockdown and beyond.