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Chef’s Picks: The Top 5 Things to Order at Butcher & Bee


Butcher & Bee is “honest to goodness eats,” served up daily. Chef Bryan Lee Weaver and his team start from scratch, developing a menu inspired by a selection of the best, locally sourced produce and sustainably raised meats available each day. And while the team first envisioned Butcher & Bee with sandwiches in mind, the restaurant, which boasts two locations in Charleston and Nashville, have taken it to the next level. With Chef Bryan’s endorsement, here are the top 5 things to order at Butcher & Bee – Nashville.

1. Whipped Feta: The most popular mezze (meaning “taste, flavor, snack, relish” in Turkish) by far. This dip-able goodness is served with black pepper and spicy, fermented honey. And, trust us: it’s worth going crazy over.

2. Charred Eggplant: One of the most Instagram-able dishes on the menu, this eggplant is served in half, lengthwise, with pickled cherries, black garlic tahini and pine nuts. Eggplant is a staple in Middle Eastern cooking and it always hits the spot!

Whipped Feta at Butcher & Bee. Image Courtesy of Butcher & Bee.

3. Wood-Charred Whole Trout: This dish is a Butcher & Bee classic. After a char on the grill, the trout is served whole with a potato salad gnocchi (you read that right). The pillowy gnocchi are like your traditional potato gnocchi, but they’re paired with a creamy mustard sauce (hence the ‘potato salad’ name).

4. Phatty Cakes (as seen above): Cult-worthy ginger cookies with a vanilla mascarpone filling – try them once and you’ll be converted. Shout out to pastry chef Cynthia Wong, who put these on the menu.

5. The Strega Genesis: Good name, even better drink. This cocktail is Butcher & Bee’s take on an herbal sour: Medley Bros. bourbon, Strega, Becherovka, egg white and aromatic bitters make it a win.