Southern Belle features some of Atlanta’s best cocktails, with and without alcohol. Photo courtesy Southern Belle


Where to Get Nonalcoholic Cocktails in Atlanta


The demand for zero-proof cocktails, a major 2023 dining trend, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And bars and restaurants around Atlanta are happy to oblige; the opportunity to create concoctions without traditional spirits is a welcome challenge for bartenders across the city. At Foundation Social Eatery, the Grey Fox features Earl Grey tea for depth of flavor, with a homemade blood orange oleo saccharum. Southern Belle has several nonalcoholic drinks on the menu at any time, each originally conceived and thoughtfully prepared. And Midtown favorite Lyla Lila offers several zero-proof cocktails including the intriguing Pomp and Pride, made with espresso, grapefruit, and lavender. So, whatever the reason you’re drinking N/A, here are 10 excellent restaurant to enjoy zero-proof cocktails around Atlanta.