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The September Hit List: Mister Charles, Petra and the Beast, Tinie’s, and More


Chin-chin, we’ve made it to September. After three months of being in the red on heat maps across the nation, one glorious and long-awaited morning this month, we’ll step out to a slight briskness in the Texas air. Soon, we’ll be able to exercise and exist outside for longer than the time it takes to walk across a parking lot. Heck, we might even be ready to eat outdoors again.

Despite the temps beginning to cool down, Dallas-Fort Worth’s dining scene is not. This month’s Resy Hit List illustrates that fact with new Highland Park pasta-and-steak stunner Mister Charles. Also in new digs, but still in Old East Dallas, is chef Misti Norris’s Petra and the Beast, where she’s added cocktails and wines to make her nose-to-tail cooking somehow even more interesting. There’s seasoned warhorses on this month’s list too, like Namo and Tinie’s Mexican Cuisine that no longer have to rely on creative takeout to shine the way they were intended in intimate dining rooms.

Driving the welcome change in the air this month is the fall equinox, when hemispheres converge and the sun shines equally on us all. We’ll make a reservation, and toast to that — and to Dallas-Fort Worth’s red-hot restaurant scene.

9. Homung Naeng Myeon / Homung Cold Noodle

  • Carrollton

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