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The August Hit List: Sachet, Partenope Ristorante, Tango Room, and More


If a mullet indicates business up front and party in the back, then the month of August is a bit of a reverse mullet: The first weeks are a time for popping a cork to the last vestiges of summer freedom, before the business of school and schedules return in those final few days.

Accordingly, this month’s Resy Hit List has suggestions to cap off summer festivities, as well as places to get schooled. Kiss farewell to summer picnics and meals that shout “party time!” with a lobster roll from Plano’s Sea Breeze Fish Market, or head to South Dallas for a meat spread from Smokey Joe’s BBQ. When it’s time to get down to (fun) business, take a pizza class taught by one of the world’s top pizzaiolos at Partenope Ristorante. Or, enroll in classes like Tequila Aging 101 at Tango Room’s Explorer Series on Thursday nights.

For wherever you may fall on the business-to-party continuum this month, reference this handy list as the we edge over into the downslope of summer.