Photo courtesy of Phuket Cafe

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Where to Eat in October: Sousòl, Gold Room, Phuket Cafe, and More


It’s hard to believe that summer is already over. After that winter, the endless sunny days and bright blue skies felt even more special. From the Pearl to Pleasant Valley, we ate on patios, picnicked along the river, and sipped natural wines as the sun set.

Now that fall has arrived for Portland, we’re heading into subterranean bars, like the new Sousòl from Gregory Gourdet, slurping new ramen from Menya Hokusei, and making one last-ditch haul to The Gold Room in eastern Oregon before they permanently close for new adventures. Where should you eat this month? The Resy Hit List is always on the case, with our 10 must-hit spots, and we’ve got all the answers for October right here.