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The Wine Hit List, Summer 2022 Edition: Veraison, Half Cut, Bright, and More


How are we to interpret it, then, London’s Selected Ambient Works era? Great, unique wines on the list; to eat, a selection of pristine charcuterie and cheeses, or elegantly presented tinned seafood, decorously appointed Navarrico pulses, gorgeously seasonal salads, almost all of it at room temperature or below?

To me, it’s the sign that wine has entered a new era in London: that people are willing to make wine the centrepiece of an evening, rather than an accompaniment to food. Of course, this model is not new: from the caves of France to local pioneers like Winemakers Club and Provisions, there is a long tradition of people having a little something to eat alongside their evening apéro. But there has never been a proliferation like the one we are seeing now. We have never been so spoilt for choice for places to enjoy a glass, a snack, a bottle, a whole damn night.

For this summer edition of your Wine Hit List, then, four of the coolest among the new wave of wine bars – and two more established capital-R restaurants for something a little more substantial. Happy drinking!