Photo courtesy of Crabtree Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Crabtree Kitchen

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The August Hit List: Communion, Samara, Crabtree, Pho Bac, and More


The sun is out, the water sparkles, and no-holds-barred Seattle dining is in full swing. It’s utterly glorious. With the neighborhood farmers markets back in action, chefs are finding more inspiration for multi-course tasting menus and seasonal dishes. Even if reopening is a work in progress, everything seems to be rolling at a lovely pace. 

While everyone is still adjusting to the new post-COVID world order, the service industry continues to need some extra love. So please, go and indulge in your long-missed favorites, take a few extra bites, and leave huge tips for that hard-working staff. They missed you as much as you missed them. 

Where to start? From crusty banh mi downtown, to Spam sliders and fruity drinks that make you feel like you’re on an island somewhere, here are all the best spots to soak up those last dog days of summer. Your August Hit List awaits.