Dining with a view — and then some — as The Fisherman's comes to the Great Wheel.
Dining with a view — and then some — as The Fisherman’s comes to the Great Wheel.

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The April Hit List: London Plane, The Fisherman’s, Marination Ma Kai, and More


One year into the pandemic, we’ve watched Seattle restaurants adapt and find new creative new ways to serve their customers. Fine-dining haunts shifted to selling wine and groceries; others now offer family-sized takeout meals. There are dining-room yurts.

The good news: State-wide restaurant workers are finally eligible for vaccines, and along with outdoor dining, indoor seating has been moved to 50 percent capacity — a few glimmers of hope that soon, we’ll be able to share a meal with loved ones beyond our respective households. And cocktails. All the glorious cocktails. 

In the meantime, keep supporting your favorite spots, tip as kindly as possible, and be nice to the restaurant staff. And enjoy the best of what’s out there. From Frenchified shellfish towers to shrimp mac and cheese, and other high-flying (literally!) PNW seafood, say hello to this month’s Hit List.