An Announcement from Resy Co-founder and CEO Ben Leventhal


The time has come for me to step down from my role as GM of the Amex Global Dining team, which includes Resy, the hospitality technology company I founded almost seven years ago. I am excited to remain engaged with the business in an advisory role, and work closely with American Express and Resy colleagues to shape their strategy for the future. In addition, I’ll aid in the search for and transition to a new leader.

I am extremely proud of where I leave the business and am confident that a great deal of success lies ahead for this organization. American Express and Resy are very committed to the restaurant industry. Although the world continues to be unpredictable and uniquely challenging these days, I am thrilled with the plan that our incredible team has in place for next year and beyond.

While this is hardly goodbye, I want to take the opportunity of this moment to thank Resy’s amazing restaurants for their ongoing partnership. Your grit and passion inspire us. We have always said that Resy was built ‘by restaurants, for restaurants’ and that remains true today. I will carry on fighting for this incredible industry, and can assure you that Amex Global Dining team will do the same.

Today’s other announcement, that we are extending fee relief at least through June 2021, should be a strong signal that American Express and Resy do, indeed, remain focused on supporting restaurants and diners alike today and long into the future.

The hospitality business must come out of the COVID-19 crisis reborn and reimagined. It will, and I look forward to continuing to work with you and the American Express and Resy teams to make it happen.

Thank you,
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Ben Leventhal