A righteous spread at Abbale Telavivian Kitchen Photo courtesy of Abbale Telavivian Kitchen


Here’s Where to Enjoy Miami’s Bounty of Mediterranean Food


The Mediterranean diet became a sensation for a reason: In its original form, across the water in the other hemisphere,, it’s simply a lifestyle that’s rooted in tradition and fresh ingredients. But what’s not to love about that? The cultures that embrace it, from Greece to Turkey to Israel and beyond, remain centered around family and friends when it comes to food. Meals are meant to be shared. Tables are meant to be packed full.

And Miami is the perfect city to embrace this vibe. We’re all about healthy, bright, and refreshing ingredients, not so much with the heavy cream. And our local Mediterranean restaurants are a downright bounty for the philosophy that great eating can also be healthful eating.

So trade in your rushed meals and sad desk lunches for all the hummus, labneh, seafood and pita you can manage. It’s very much part of how we dine.