Sumiao Hunan Kitchen’s modern take on Hunan cuisine is a strong move for Lunar New Year. Photo courtesy Sumiao

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The February Hit List: Geppetto, Mikkusu, Coppa, and Café Polonia


Pandemic or not, February is a month when many New Englanders choose to stay indoors. The good news is that there’s perhaps never been a better time to order takeout or delivery, with new projects like Ghost King Thai and Mikkusu serving up Thai fried chicken boxes and Japanese milk bread sandwiches respectively, and red sauce fare coming out of the freshly opened Geppetto and via the “Goodfellas” menu at Coppa. Meanwhile, Chickadee has your Valentine’s night-in covered, and Café Polonia returns in what can only be described as a pierogi miracle. All this and much more in the February Hit List.