Jaguar Sun. Photo by Felipe Cuevas for Resy


The Miami Insider’s Guide to Industry Hangouts and Late Night Hot Spots


It’s impossible to write about where Miami chefs, bartenders, and other restaurant industry insiders go to eat and drink off hours without acknowledging Yakko-San.

From the time May Shigetomi and her husband, chef Hiroshi Shigetomi, opened their first Japanese restaurant in Miami in 1983 until they sold their beloved Yakko-San several years ago and moved onto other projects, their former North Miami Beach strip-mall spot was the late-night hangout for South Florida restaurant pros for years. Open until 3 a.m. most nights — 4 a.m. when the drinks were really flowing — it was the only place where line cooks at Miami Beach’s glitzy hotels could find ice-cold Sapporos and hot salty food after their dinner shifts. Where stir-fried chicken livers, flame-grilled fish collars, and steaming bowls of noodles in pork broth could soften the industry-hardened hearts of food publicists, critics, and chefs alike — often at the same table.

In 2023, many Miami-area restaurants and bars have picked up where Yakko-San left off, providing the kind of casual-cool vibes and comforting food and drink that provide a welcome respite to off-the-clock industry insiders. Here’s a look at some of our favorite industry hangouts in Miami.