Courtesy Cru Cafe
Courtesy Cru Cafe

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The April Hit List: Cru Cafe, Fuel, Circa 1886, El Molino Supermarket, and More


Sometimes spring is so good in Charleston that it almost feels fake. The azaleas bloom in both formal gardens and humble cul-de-sacs, the water sparkles, the golfing greens get really green, and the breezes turn warm, which can send someone out onto the street, looking to savor the day a little longer thanks to those extra daylight hours.

In other words, spring fever is real in Charleston. So here are some places to celebrate, revisit, or try for the first time. From flip-flop Saturdays at Fuel to jazz evenings at Charleston Grill, this month’s Hit List is all about remembering how delicious Charleston can be in all its moods.