Photo courtesy of The Drexel


The Resy Guide to the Women-Owned Restaurants of Miami


Chef and restaurateur Michelle Bernstein of Café La Trova is a fixture in Miami’s culinary scene. She’s earned numerous awards over the years for breaking glass ceilings, but Bernstein is looking forward to the day when that kind of recognition becomes obsolete.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my achievements, but I wish it was just equal opportunity for all, and there was no glass ceiling to shatter anymore,” says Bernstein.

For Eileen Andrade, chef-owner of Barbakoa and other acclaimed Miami restaurants, her proudest moments are when a table calls over the chef to say thanks for a delicious meal or asks to meet the owner – and to their surprise, Eileen shows up. “The look on my guest’s faces when they realize I am a 4’11” woman is what I thrive off of,” says the chef and third-generation restaurateur.

“More women need to feel comfortable with the idea that cooking professionally is not, and never was, a man’s domain. It’s the domain of whoever has the passion to cook,” Andrade says.

How are Miami’s female restaurant leaders setting the stage for that future? By creating it themselves. Luciana Giangrandi, chef-owner of Boia De and Walrus Rodeo, has been no stranger to the challenges that face women in the kitchen throughout her career, but that only inspired Giangrandi and her partner to build the environment they would’ve wanted when they were working in other restaurants.

“I always knew I wanted to open my own business, and we have a very mixed group of people working for us, and a lot of women. Our team can provide menu ideas and help with research and development. We all support one another, we want everyone to feel comfortable to learn and grow, and we understand when scheduling conflicts like childcare come up. It’s the kind of environment that I think should be available in kitchens elsewhere,” says Giangrandi.

In celebration, we’ve compiled a list of women-run restaurants in Miami and the female leaders behind them – from restaurant owners to executive chefs, pastry chefs, and beverage directors.