Macchialina. Photo by Felipe Cuevas for Resy


The Miami Restaurants Where We Want to Be Regulars


In VIP-laden (and VIP-wannabe-laden) Miami, it’s common to see restaurants lavish perks on celebs, socialites, and big spenders. But there is another, more subtle subset of diners who are every bit as — if not more — important to restaurants as the bold-name crowd. 

Restaurant regulars — the ones who eat at the same places three, four, five times a week — are beloved for their consistent patronage. And restaurant people take care of their regulars in myriad ways: greeted by name on arrival, water glasses rarely empty, a new appetizer the chef would like you to try, a slice of pie on the house. 

You can always aspire for VIP status and hope to one day be posting Instagram Reels of $1,000 steaks served with fireworks behind velvet ropes. Or you could just start eating more often at the places you really love. 

Here are nine Resy restaurants where it pays to be a regular in Miami.  These are spots that treat their regulars right and where we’d like to have a standing reservation ourselves.