When in Miami, eat like a local, at restaurants like Beaker & Gray. Photo courtesy of Beaker & Gray


Where to Eat During Miami Art Week: The Locals-Only Edition


Getting a restaurant recommendation in Miami can be especially fraught. Online picks and places you saw on TV are a mixed bag, since in this town particularly, the line between “great restaurant” and “great hype” can be hard to draw. This seems particularly to reveal itself during Miami Art Week, when all the greats — on either front — are especially packed. (If you want to know the can’t-miss spots for visitors, we’ve got you covered, too.)

How to find a haven from the crowd, whether you’re here full-time or want to escape your fellow visitors? There’s no substitute for getting the real scoop from locals, not in a city where TikTok endorsements can carry more weight than a Michelin star.

Lucky you: We did the work, and tapped the hive mind of enough industry people, experts, and salty locals who still call it “Dade” to come up with this roster of places that social media likely won’t tell you about. If you’re local and have been through this drill before, you know this is how to maintain calm. If you’re visiting, plan on an adventure to explore someparts of the city perhaps you didn’t know existed. Either way, here’s how to eat in Miami like a true local.

Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market

  • Miami River

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