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The 2019 Resy Guide to New Year’s Eve in New Orleans


In between gift wrapping and hot chocolate chugging, you might’ve forgotten that New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching. And this time around, it’s not only 2019 that’s coming to a close, but the entire decade with it. So whether you’d like to indulge in caviar-laced menus, lose yourself to dance, or keep it classy and casual, Resy has you covered. Welcome to your ultimate guide to New Year’s Eve in New Orleans.

Bayona — Book Now
$100 four-course menu.

Boucherie — Book Now
Five-course menu.

CellarDoor — Book Now
$95 three-course menu with a glass of Champagne.

Cochon — Book Now
$80 four-course menu.

Gianna — Book Now
$65 three-course menu.

Herbsaint Bar & Restaurant — Book Now
$95 four-course menu.

Jewel of the South — Book Now
$74 four-course family-style menu.

Lilette — Book Now
$100 four-course menu.

Pêche — Book Now
$75 four-course menu.