Trays at Oma's Takeaway.
Trays at Oma’s Takeaway.

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The November Hit List: Oma’s Takeaway, Dame, Paley’s Place, Drink Mamey, and More


Somehow, it’s already November. As days shorten in Portland, temperatures drop and the rain settles in for winter, menus switch over from colorful, zippy salads and all-grilled-everything to more robust, harvest-inspired plates, and homey braises. Find a hearty North African peanut stew at new Senegalese food cart Kabba’s Kitchen, warm-spiced enchiladas and tamales for the week from beloved Division Mexican spot Xico, or an occasion-worthy, four-course menu from  stalwart Paley’s Place. Where should you cozy up? We’ve got it in our latest Hit List.