The Top 5 Things to Order at Izzy’s Fish & Oyster

April 17, 2017 at 9:00 am
post by Olee Fowler


Izzy's fish and oyster resy

Lobster roll. Photo Credit: Izzy’s Fish & Oyster. 

Seafood isn’t a hard thing to come by in South Florida. But proper New England style seafood? Well that’s another story. Enter Izzy’s Fish & Oyster, the sleek restaurant in South Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood. An ode to the New England summers of chef and owner Jamie DeRosa, it showcases the nostalgic flavors of the Northeast in new variations that will keep you coming back for more.

Here’s are five things to order, in a lineup of 10’s:

1/Lobster Roll 
Fact: it’s not a proper New England eatery without a lobster roll. And Izzy’s serves not one, but two variations on the classic dish to satisfy any craving. Filling a toasted, buttery roll, diners can either go hot and simple with a Maine lobster tossed in warm butter, or cool and delicious with chilled lobster tossed in mayo. Either combo is a winner.

2/Fried Clam Bellies
Think calamari 2.0. A mix of juicy Ipswitch clam bellies, lightly fried to perfection and topped with pickled fresno pepper for an extra special kick.

3/Lobster Poutine
How do you take poutine to the next level? Put some lobster on it. Top that with crispy waffle fries, mounds on gravy, cheddar, and bacon and you’ve got one epic take on the Canadian favorite.

4/Painted Hills Farms Burger 
While seafood is the star at Izzy’s, the burger proves it isn’t a one trick pony. A large sirloin patty topped with aged Gruyere, bacon, and – the game-changer – onion jam, housed inside a fluffy potato roll, rivals any burger on South Beach.

5/Whoopie Pies
Finish the meal on a sweet note, New England style, with a soft, chocolate whoopie pie overflowing with homemade marshmallow fluff.

Grab a seat at Izzy’s Fish and Oyster today!