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Where to Eat in Phoenix Right Now


The long-running joke about Phoenix summers (“It’s a dry heat, but then so is an oven”) is reasonably accurate — but autumn can be a delight. The desert mugginess usually ends somewhere around late September, when locals still spend loads of time in the pool, heading out for drinks and dinner just as the sun dips on the daylight saving time-free horizon. By mid-October, the heat has broken, and the Valley becomes remarkably pleasant again, a good place to bask in moderate temperatures on a patio somewhere.

It’s quieter in late summer and early fall — less traffic, fewer tourists — which means getting reservations is easier and the pace is slower. It’s a great time to cruise into The Larder & The Delta for a relaxed Southern-inspired Sunday brunch with cocktails, grab a coveted bar stool and an order of grilled oysters at Hush Public House, or wait in a slightly shorter line for the city’s best brisket at Little Miss BBQ. Here are 10 places to revel in the hidden joys of Phoenix this season.