A stellar setup in the Upper West Side. Photo by Evan Sung, courtesy of Baazi

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The Resy Guide to Outdoor Dining in New York

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If you’ve lived long enough in the Northeast, you know that spring in New York doesn’t kick in on March 20. No, you first get your hopes up, experience beautiful sunny days, have that hope destroyed by some last-minute snow and windy rainfalls, and wait about a month or so before weather that actually feels like spring begins.

Thankfully, New York weather is finally on that “it’s truly spring” precipice, meaning it’s time to plan your patio game. From the best alfresco Manhattan spots to the patio gems of Brooklyn and Queens, here is the ultimate guide to outdoor dining in New York.

New this month: Baazi, Loreley Beer Garden, Lure Fishbar, Mark’s Off Madison, The Musket Room, Public Records, and Sarashina Horii.