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17 Great New York Tasting Menus Under $100


Sometimes, it’s just better to leave things to an expert. And whom better to entrust your dining experience than a chef? The only catch: how do you do that without breaking the bank?

Well, you’re in luck: there’s truly never been a better time to check out some of the incredible and relatively affordable — we’re talking $100 per person and under — tasting and prix fixe dinner menus throughout the city.

And if you’re willing to spend slightly more, you won’t want to miss the globally inspired cooking at Oxalis ($112 per person), Luthun ($115 per person), or the modern, wood-fired Korean fare at JUA ($130 per person). (Find even more restaurants offering tasting menus for $125 per person or under here.)

From vegetarian feasts and contemporary Korean spreads to menus inspired by Vietnam and Oaxaca, here are some of the city’s most exciting tasting menus … all under $100.

Added on January 25: Forsythia, Fradei, Fulgurances, L’accolade, Olmsted, Red Paper Clip, Rezdôra, Ruffian, and Sagaponack.