One of the semi-hidden outdoor nooks at Norah.
One of the semi-hidden outdoor nooks at Norah.

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The Resy Guide to the Best Outdoor Tables in Los Angeles


California’s big “reopening” happened just in time for summer, which means it’s time to fill your calendar with many sunny brunches and breezy patio nights. Restaurants that built pandemic-era outdoor spaces are allowed to keep them open until at least next year, and by the looks of it, everyone is making great use of dining in the great outdoors. Tables are packed, cocktails are being shaken at the bar, people are laughing — the sounds of dining are back.

To take advantage of everything we love about summer dining in L.A., we’ve assembled some of the best patios, gardens, and parklets to enjoy right now — whether you’re eating souvlaki in Silver Lake, dining behind the David Hockney pool in Hollywood, or sipping a spicy margarita along the beach in Venice. Make reservations when you can; almost all require it.