Introducing the Resy Cookie Box


It is officially holiday cookie season, and Resy is putting together something special. In partnership with Ovenly, we have tapped a few of our favorite chefs to create the Resy Cookie Box: a festive cookie sampler made with recipes from chefs across the country. 

Featuring 12 different cookies, this box makes for the perfect holiday gift — whether for yourself or a lucky someone else.

The Resy Cookie Box goes on sale December 1. Sign up below to be notified when The Resy Cookie Box is available for purchase.

Without further ado, the chef lineup:

Resy Cookie Box
The Resy Cookie Box. Photo: Good People for Resy

Lemon Fennel Shortbread
Missy Robbins
Lilia & Misi — New York

White Chocolate Almond Cherry
Joanne Chang
Myers + Chang — Boston

Cardamom Brown Butter Shortbread Cookie
Alice Waters
Chez Panisse — Berkeley

Chocolate Chip Rye Cookie
Jeremy Fox
Birdie G’s — Los Angeles

Chocolate Coconut Pecan Cookie with Curry Salt
Nina Compton
Compère Lapin — New Orleans

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Winter Spiced Sweet Potato Cookie
Edouardo Jordan
JuneBaby, Salare, Lucinda Grain Bar — Seattle

Salted Marcona Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Katie Button
Cúrate — Asheville

Cardamom and Sea Salt Sables
Nick Kennedy & James Matty
Suraya — Philadelphia

Criollo Oatmeal Cookie
Enrique Olvera
Damian, Cosme, ATLA, Pujol, Criollo

Oyamel’s Oaxacan Chocolate Cookies
Jose Andres
World Central Kitchen, Oyamel, Jaleo, and more

Coconut Pecan Shortbread
Natasha Pickowicz
Never Ending Taste — New York

Raspberry Chocolate Brown Butter Blondie

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