All the Adirondack chairs and more at Outside Voices.


The Resy Guide to Outdoor Dining in Chicago


The reopening of restaurant patios and beer gardens citywide as we reach peak Chicago summer brings a sense of near normalcy. Of course, it’s not like any other Chicago summer: Restaurants are navigating a slew of health and safety measures in response to the pandemic, from spacing tables six feet apart to enacting time limits and equipping staff with personal protective equipment.

To stay on top of reservation requirements and other changes, check their social accounts or call ahead. And as a gesture of hospitality in turn, a few rules: Be sure to wear a mask as often as possible (especially when interacting with servers), stay informed of specific restaurant protocols, and tip well! Oh, and bring a raincoat, just in case.

And if you don’t see your favorite restaurant open yet, you can always use My Hit List to stay notified about when it plans to reopen.

New on 7/29: Sportsman’s Club, Truth Italian Restaurant, The Long Room, Outside Voices, Gaijin, Galit.

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