Restaurateur Rose Previte of Maydan and Compass Rose. Image Courtesy of Maydan

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The Resy Guide to the Women-Owned Restaurants of Washington, DC


For Rose Previte, owner of Compass Rose and Maydan, being a restaurant owner is a personal endeavor that’s deeply connected to her experience growing up as a daughter of a Sicilian father and Lebanese mother.

“I’m in this for every woman who felt less than growing up because she looked different or someone told them that being different was bad,” says Previte. “I started making food for people that was the food that made me ‘weird’ growing up, and the world finally understood, appreciated and now celebrates those differences.”

Previte’s restaurants are just two of the nearly 20 women-owned restaurants in DC that you can find on Resy. Throughout the months of March and April, Resy is celebrating female restaurant industry leaders with its global dinner series, The Women of Food.

The series mantra is simple: Behind every great restaurant is a woman. The following women-owned restaurants in DC are proof of that.

ANXO — Book Now
Rachel Fitz

Bar Charley — Book Now
Jackie Greenbaum

Compass Rose — Book Now
Rose Previte

El Chucho — Book Now
Jackie Greenbaum

Granville Moore’s — Book Now
Roneeka Bhagotra

Hank’s Oyster Bar (Capitol Hill) — Book Now
Jamie Leeds

Hank’s Oyster Bar (Dupont) — Book Now
Jamie Leeds

Hank’s Oyster Bar (The Wharf) — Book Now
Jamie Leeds

Little Coco’s — Book Now
Jackie Greenbaum

Mama Chang — Walk-ins Only
Lisa Chang

Maple Ave Restaurant — Book Now
Juste Židelytė

Maydan — Book Now
Rose Previte

Mola — Book Now
Erin Lingle

Pom Pom — Book Now
Carlie Steiner

Purple Patch — Book Now
Patrice Cleary

Reveler’s Hour — Book Now
Jill Tyler

Rooster & Owl — Book Now
Carey Tang

Soi 38 — Book Now
Dia Khanthongthip

Tail Up Goat — Book Now
Jill Tyler

Thamee — Book Now
Simone Jacobson and Jocelyn Law-Yone

Thip Kao — Book Now
Seng Luangrath


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