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The Resy Guide to the Women-Owned Restaurants of Miami


Owned and operated by acclaimed restaurateur Anastasia Koutsioukis, Gregory’s stands as a beacon in a male-dominated industry. 

Throughout the months of March and April, Resy will honor women through our annual The Women of Food global dinner series, which will come to Miami when Koutsioukis will host a dinner in honor of the women working behind the scenes at her three restaurants (Gregory’s, Mandolin, Mrs. Mandolin).

We’re also celebrating the many other great women-owned restaurants in Miami, because we believe that behind every great restaurant is a woman. These restaurants are testament to that mantra.

Arson — Book Now
Katrina Iglesias

Blvd Bae’s — Book Now
Barclay Graebner

Boia De — Book Now
Luciana Giangrandi

Gregory’s — Book Now
Anastasia Koutsioukis

Macchialina Taverna Rustica — Book Now
Jennifer Chaefsky and Jacqueline Pirolo

Morgans — Book Now
Barclay Graebner

Morgans Wynwood — Book Now
Barclay Graebner

Sherwoods Bistro — Book Now
Barclay Graebner

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply — Book Now
Michelle Bernstein


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