Chef-owner Renée Erickson of Bistro Shirlee. Image Courtesy of Renée Erickson


The Resy Guide to the Women-Owned Restaurants of Seattle


Owned and operated by acclaimed chef and restaurateur Renée Erickson, Bistro Shirlee stands as a beacon in a male-dominated industry in which only 7% of head chefs are women.

“Too often women question their choices,” says Erickson. “My hope is that they walk confidently down the road and know that is the path they are supposed to be on, because they are being led by their heart and mind.”

Throughout the months of March and April, Resy will honor women in the restaurant industry through our annual The Women of Food global dinner series. As part of that series, Erickson will host a very special dinner at Bistro Shirlee in honor of her mother.

We’re also celebrating the many other great women-owned restaurants in Seattle, because we believe that behind every great restaurant is a woman. These restaurants are testament to that mantra.

Blueacre Seafood — Book Now
Terresa Davis

Boat Street Kitchen & Bistro — Book Now
Susan Kaplan

Copine — Book Now
Jill Kinney

The Corson Building — Book Now
Emily Crawford

Finistère — Book Now
Deborah Taylor

The Harvest Vine — Book Now
Carolin Messier

The London Plane — Book Now
Katherine Anderson

Marmite — Book Now
Sara Naftaly

Monsoon Bellevue — Book Now
Sophie Banh

Monsoon Seattle — Book Now
Sophie Banh

Oddfellows Cafe + Bar — Book Now
Linda Derschang

Orfeo — Book Now
Terresa Davis

Plenty of Clouds — Book Now
Lisa Zack

Smith — Book Now
Marianna Ide

Steelhead Diner — Book Now
Terresa Davis

Super Six — Book Now
Kamala Saxton

Zane + Wylie’s — Book Now
Terresa Davis


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