Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran of Safran Turney Hospitality. Photo Credit: Neal Santos


The Resy Guide to Philadelphia’s Women-Owned Restaurants


The concept of family and work-life balance is at the heart of these women-owned restaurants of Philadelphia, and it’s something chef and restaurateur Marcie Turney embraces wholly.

“I want to help change the work-life balance conversation for women in our industry. It’s no secret that cooking takes grit, long hours and commitment. I want to show other women that you can be successful, put in hard work, and still have a family,” says Turney, who co-owns Safran Turney Hospitality group with her business partner and wife Valerie Safran. The couple is hosting a Women of Food dinner event at Barbuzzo that’s dedicated to their daughter, Harlow.

“I hope there is more opportunity, and less roadblocks,” she continues. “I would hope that chefs are creating a supportive, positive culture in their kitchens.”

The following trailblazing women chefs and restaurant owners are further proof that behind every great restaurant is a woman.

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