The Top 5 Things to Order at Ariete


Photo of wood grilled oysters with bone marrow butter courtesy of Ariete.

It’s official: Coconut Grove is having a dining resurgence, thanks in part to restaurants like Ariete. The (almost) one-year old spot features a mash-up of Americana dishes with a hint of Cuban flavor from its Miami-bred executive chef, Michael Beltran. The grill is the star, but so are you. Here are the best bets at Ariete; because you are where you eat.

1.Nuggets: These aren’t the chicken nuggets you munched on as a child. No, these are nuggets taken up a few notches. Filled with oxtail and fried to perfection with a side of tangy tamarind ketchup, they’re a throwback in the best possible way.

2.Caviar: This super luxe snack has an unusual mate: tater tots. Paired together, it’s one salty, delicious pop of flavor, and once you pop, the fun don’t stop.

3.Short Rib: There are short ribs and then there are short ribs. Ariete’s rendition — served still on one large rib bone — is smoked, oven-roasted, grilled AND baked to create a meaty rich feast.

4.Grilled Oysters: Just when you thought bivalves couldn’t get any better, Ariete goes and proves you wrong. They are grilled just right and topped with melted bone marrow for a splendid, smokey bite served on the shell.

5.Smoked Pork Chop: Lechon is a must in Miami, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. This thick slab of pork is perfectly charred on the grill and served with black-eyed peas and chow chow (pickled relish made with local veggies), giving it a bit of Southern flare.

Bonus. Green Parrot:  Whet your whistle with a refreshing combo of basil-infused gin, fresh lemon juice, and “chef Michael’s secret sweetness” to help balance out the hearty spread.

And there you have it. Grab a seat at Ariete today!